The Frazier Barn
"It is shocking what a difference there is between then and now. The dark basement before we installed windows was downright scary. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this project. Thank you for sharing with us your design skills, and expertise. Getting the entire project on paper and then sticking to the plans is just beyond our capabilities. We both really appreciate your willingness to allow the remodeling effort to evolve. Vision, enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude are the traits that you brought to the barn renovation are also the reason I will never undertake a building project without having you at the helm."
Dolly Frazier

A thousand words

Instead of using too many words to try and describe our projects and how beautiful they are, we figure it'll be much easier just to show you. With the help of Mike Miriello at The Downtown Creative, we've attempted to capture the style and functionality of some of Stratford's custom homes, renovations and landscapes. So, please, click away and enjoy. (And feel free to contact Matt with any questions you might have about our work.)