4400 Ridgecrest Court, Rockingham, VA
"Matt Robertson is a great asset to anyone interested in building a home. He breaks down the complex decisions and helps to make the matrix of design choices more manageable. Anyone who knows Matt can attest that he is extremely personable and service oriented. His forte is follow through and he is particularly skilled as a landscape architect. My wife and I really enjoyed our building experience with the Stratford Companies and highly recommend them."
Mr. Nick Langridge, Assistant to the President, JMU, 2009

Custom Homes

Whether 1400 square feet or 4000, every Stratford custom home goes through the same intensive design and build process. With expert and patient guidance from our team of professionals, you'll spend the time needed to determine the priorities for your home. Thoughtful consideration goes into to every aspect of the plans — inside and out — ensuring that your home fits your site and your lifestyle. During the construction phase of the project, some flexibility allows us to see opportunities to better the design or realize— and alleviate — potential constraints. And at the end we'll have created beautiful and functional architecture with the potential to enhance your life.