MOD Displays Office Renovation
"The Stratford Companies were a perfect fit to execute our renovation of a downtown building in the historic district. We wanted an open, industrial office space with such elements as a full kitchen that could double as an informal office meeting area. Matt clearly saw our vision for the space and the overarching goals we had and ran with it. His excitement throughout the project was very reassuring and his project managers, staff and sub crews were all courteous and professional. The end result embodied exactly what we had hoped for. I would recommend The Stratford Companies to anyone looking for a builder who cares about quality and design while not forgetting efficiency and cost."
Ben Hughes, Owner, MOD Displays


Whether working with your business or in your home, we enjoy the opportunities The Stratford Companies has to work on renovation projects. Let's face it, transforming an existing space into something more functional and beautiful is just plain fun. For example: converting a barn into a venue nice enough for a wedding reception. Or creating a lovely sunroom from a dingy screened porch. Or completely gutting an historical home and rebuilding it for the next generation. Our clients have allowed us to do all these things and more. Click on the galleries below to read the stories and see how.