The Frazier Barn
"It is shocking what a difference there is between then and now. The dark basement before we installed windows was downright scary. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this project. Thank you for sharing with us your design skills, and expertise. Getting the entire project on paper and then sticking to the plans is just beyond our capabilities. We both really appreciate your willingness to allow the remodeling effort to evolve. Vision, enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude are the traits that you brought to the barn renovation are also the reason I will never undertake a building project without having you at the helm."
Dolly Frazier

Bringing it all to life

We assign a dedicated project manager (PM) to each of our construction jobs. This experienced individual works to ensure your project runs smoothly. They deal with subcontractor and supplier scheduling, budget creation and quality control. Their overarching responsibility is customer relationship management — i.e. keeping you up to date and involved to ensure your home reflects the design you worked so hard to perfect. One of the tools we utilize to do this is an online project management and collaboration service. This keeps direct lines of communication open between you and your PM. In addition, we issue each PM an iPhone and laptop computer, making every jobsite a mobile office.

Building a custom home requires a fair amount of trust and vulnerability between our clients and Stratford at every stage. You share your needs and dreams, along with your financial information with us, entrusting us to provide creative solutions and a quality product. We believe one way to reciprocate this trust is to operate with open-book accounting. This means that you see the cost of everything including labor, materials, overhead and profit margins for every item in the estimate. We empower you to make choices that align with your budget and your priorities.


  • Initial meeting and needs assessment
  • Sign Design Contract
  • Create house design, or tweak existing plans (1-3 months)
  • Financial planning based on initial plans
  • Acquire financing
  • Sign Construction Contract and make deposit
  • Break ground!
  • Construction (8-10 months)

Every project proceeds differently, providing opportunities and constraints impossible to anticipate prior to the building phase. But that's what we do. Problem solve the issues and capitalize on the possibilities as we implement the ideal design. Contact Us today to set up an intial meeting at get your project started.