The Frazier Barn
"It is shocking what a difference there is between then and now. The dark basement before we installed windows was downright scary. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this project. Thank you for sharing with us your design skills, and expertise. Getting the entire project on paper and then sticking to the plans is just beyond our capabilities. We both really appreciate your willingness to allow the remodeling effort to evolve. Vision, enthusiasm and a "can do" attitude are the traits that you brought to the barn renovation are also the reason I will never undertake a building project without having you at the helm."
Dolly Frazier

A full-service, design+build firm

Over the span of almost a decade, The Stratford Companies has been honing our design+build process with the end goal of creating beautiful spaces and satisfied clients. Our experience and knowledge in both design and construction translate into smooth projects and less stess for our clients. We expertly shepherd projects from the drawing board and into the field. We're a one-stop service shop in the construction industry … from foundations to finishes, we handle it all. There's no separation between the folks that design your house and the ones that build it.

Just think about all the information discussed and shared during the design process. The subtleties. The reasoning behind your decisions. The details. When you work with Stratford, the designers AND your builder take part in all those conversations. So when it comes time to choose materials and/or techniques, we already know what's most important to you and that knowledge informs our recomendations and choices. 

On top of everything else, the design+build process saves you time and money. Since many design and construction activities proceed hand-in-hand from early on, we can determine the most efficient approach to your project from the beginning. And you don't have to spend time waiting for your builder to get up to speed once you complete the plans. When we do the design, we can immediately move to signing a construction contract and breaking ground. 

Want to find out more about our design+build process? Contact us today to schedule a meeting. He'd love to explain more about what makes Stratford distinctive (and how they can make your dream a reality).